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What happens after failure.

Failure is a common word that I have used throughout my life. I failed a lot in a lot of things. Some people say that you can learn from failure with what doesn’t work and what does.

It’s all about “keep trying” and “don’t give up”. With me, no one believed in me about anything. From the small stuff to the large stuff happening in your face it’s obvious when you are dealing with a bunch of jerks. Also people like to ignore new or different opinions for more generic common ideas that don’t challenge them to the slightest.

I was ignored and passed over my whole life and to a degree I still am. I try to get ahead in life by doing something for myself and either it’s more complicated than I expected, I don’t have the time to dedicate to a particular project or I just feel withdrawn from doing the project because of the stress of failure. On the other hand, other obstacles can get in the way to like people with their never-ending barrage of insults, rumours, emotional abuse or sabotaging a project because they just don’t like you. In life, they are so many reasons why not to do something that if you stop trying to achieve a goal or a task that you see as valuable it only affects you. They are fine, really! Nothing happened to them. When you stopped at going to the gym when they didn’t see the benefit of you exercising, going to a college/university course when they think that you would fail out of it anyways or anything else that requires your efforts not focused on them like they need more attention.

When you start to look back and see that your life is either miserable or stalemated you will really start to regret being around these people for a second. Especially when you see that their lives became better because the opposite happened to them – people believed in them and appreciated them long enough to listen to them and help them.

I could only speak from personal experience when I say that failure has been in my life. But when you try I guess you achieve a task? Well, being persistent in the face of truly big endeavours, remembering that this is about you, trying different ways to do one task, don’t think about how long it’s taking to do a task or how much times it took to do a task. People can fail a lot at the smallest of things. There’s not a lot of age limits when it comes to goals. If something requires just one or two courses to do a task there are multiple ways of getting that education from continuing educational courses, volunteer experience or project you create (like your the client) and make yourself.

Time burns everyone at the end.

Sometimes those people end up eating their own words at the end about believing in you or you become so engrossed in your desired task and you just don’t care what they think about you anymore. Failure is apart of success.

As I write this I am nowhere close to my goals yet. But I am still trying and that’s a good sign.

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