Design Perspective

Learning Common Coding is Beneficial 

When we go on the internet we are already experiencing code. I understand how web addresses work to the greatest of detail but it was hard to learn about these types of codings.

When I just started I only knew about basic coding languages to build a website. Those were difficult because I was a novice programmer with very little experience going online. When I first designed my site it was not of trial and error but of doing everything extremely slow. I learned more about coding when I got to apply my coding techniques to a realtime application. I understood what to do and saw how to make something from nothing.

But if I wanted something more interactive like interactive polls (forms), embeded maps, animation or password protected log on pages I had to step up my game. I had to learn the other popular online languages. I learned, so far, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and soon HTML5. I also now know about user experience design software do. I started to learn these things because I wanted to learn a new skill and have something to do. But now I feel like I did something good for my education.

I was reflecting on my process and I came up with two conclusions. I feel more competitive in my field. I find that learning these types of coding also can lead to other aspects in my career besides a new skillsets. In an area that I never thought about.

Banner credit: Under the Moonlight