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Ten Movies About Toxic Friendships

Movies all about the frenemies.

Hopefully, most people out in the world don’t have to deal with horrible people that get under your skin or just plain awful people as friends. When most people think about what is it like to have friends they think of supportive, nice people who listen and respect who you are. Most people don’t want someone needy, rude, cruel or hear today gone tomorrow type of people around.

Movies have this type of terrible people on screen all the time. Here are some movies that have toxic friendships.

Colossal (2016)

A woman who is hitting a low in her life. She on break from her job and her boyfriend just left her. She’s an alcoholic who just broke up with her boyfriend and living in her parents emptied house while gaining some cash from her demanding, meanspirited, rude frenemy. The internal fighting of egos takes place in Seoul, South Korea by a giant lizard monster and a mega robot has she figures out that she can control the monster’s movements.

Screenshot of Colossal (2016)
Screenshot of Colossal (2016). Oscar and Gloria standing in front of Gloria’s boyfriend after he leaves her for New York City.

Heathers (1988)

The popular girls from a small Ohio town are cruel, rude and too hung up into their lives. Their “number two” friend plots with her boyfriend to murder the leader to rid the bad terrible force from her life only to find her life becoming more complicated. This is a classic and like most classic, you won’t be seeing them on the big screen like that again.

Screenshot of Heathers (1988)
Screenshot of Heathers (1988). Veronica Sawyer and Heather Duke are questioning the students with the weekly poll.

Heavenly Creatures (1994)

It’s inspired by a true story of Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker. Two teenagers become very emotionally connected in 1950’s Christchurch, New Zealand. They have a lot of fantasies that disconnect themselves to reality and only be together obsessively. They conspire a plot to murder Pauline’s mother and run off and be together in America after a threat of their friendship to end. It’s a toxic relationship.

Screenshot of Heavenly Creatures (1994).
Screenshot of Heavenly Creatures (1994). Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker in the full fantasy portion of their plan.

Mean Girls (2004)

The updated mean girl’s troupe from Disney. It takes a friendlier approach to teenage bitchiness from Heathers and makes the protagonist nicer and relatable. The humour about the high school clique and the “popular” girls is there with more quotable lines. The film has a more uniformed story to toxic personalities getting the point to stop.

Screenshot of Mean Girls (2004).
Screenshot of Mean Girls (2004). The Plastics in the mall making excuses and lined up in their hierarchy within their clique.

Very Bad Things (1998)

After a stripper and a security guard accidentally dies at a Las Vegas bachelor party, five friends decide to bury the body and act like nothing is wrong. Everything comes crashing to a haul when all of their friendships with each other abruptly end from stress about the wedding, anxiety and guilty consciences. Warning: This film gets dark. Voted one of the worst films of the year by Siskel and Ebert.

Screenshot of Very Bad Things (1998).
Screenshot of Very Bad Things (1998). The bachelor party at a big box store buying supplies to clean up their mess.

The Craft (1996)

Four teenagers practicing witchcraft get more than they bargained for with clashing personalities. The “leader” of the group is an angry misfit that is quick to jealously. The two followers don’t really question the tactics that their bossy friend does but follow blindly and becoming the worst versions of themselves.

Screenshot of The Craft (1996).
Screenshot of The Craft (1996). In Sarah’s point of view, Bonnie, Nancy and Rochelle surprise her.

Fear (1996)

There is a boyfriend to focus on when thinking about a toxic relationship because the guy is psychotic. But the best friend whose into older guys while still being in high school, slept with her best friend’s boyfriend, loud and vulgar person is the catalyst that helps her naive friend met the older guy that placed her and everyone she knows in danger. Especially when she knew about her best friend’s boyfriend mental condition.

Screenshot of Fear (1996)
Screenshot of Fear (1996). Margo is reading an invite to a rave to David and Nicole.

Death Becomes Her (1992)

A bitter frenemy rivalry stays strong until the bitter end. This is the quintessential movie of a toxic friendship on screen. They bicker, fight, have petty quarrels with each other and bitter competitions that truly only hurt them at the end of trying to be the “better” person. An ex-actress, a novelist and a failed plastic surgeon plot to kill one and other. Forever fighting for the ultimate upper hand. This is a comedy and somewhat an Avante Garde zombie film filled with great memorable comedic scenes and special effects.

Screenshot of Death Becomes Her (1992).
Screenshot of Death Becomes Her (1992). Helen and Madeline at the end of a large fight that badly damaged their bodies.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)

This is the toxic friendship that is bound by bitter sibling rivalry. The codependent relationship is about a once child star that can’t let go of the pass while her once very successful actress sister whose now a paraplegic lives with her in her Old Hollywood home filled with a lot of rooms and stairs. The bitterness, hate and anger is on full display when Jane reaches her breaking point. This film won two Oscars for best actress in a leading role and best costume design.

Screenshot of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962).
Screenshot of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962). Blanche is remembering her acting years while Jane is cutting her down.

This is the End (2013)

Most friends can’t last after a major event like a wedding let alone the apocalypse. A group of friends with a very weak bond with each other go through the rapture at a large party. Their friends are placed to the test being confined to a small place and demonic occurrences happening.

Screenshot of This Is The End (2013).
Screenshot of This Is The End (2013). Danny is eating the last of the food during the Rapture surrounded by Craig, Jay, Seth, James and Jonah.
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