Six Movies To Watch for Valentine’s Day when it’s dinner for one

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Most people are single but on a day where it celebrates being in a relationship I rather stay indoors. There’s no problem to be single any day of the year. Here are some movies to watch. These movies don’t really celebrate being in a relationship but growth, independence and friendship.

Brave (2010)

A young woman doesn’t want to get married so she takes her own fate in her own hands even though this was against her mother’s wishes. But with her mother dealing with a curse of turning into a bear, the mother and daughter must find a cure of her aliment before time runs out. This is a great animated story that’s about making your own choices when it’s against what other people want from you and understanding in motherhood.

She-Devil (1989)

A wife of a banker is abandoned by her husband after she confronts him of an affair. She tries to change her life for the better by devising a plan to get back at her husband. This is an underrated comedy that most people don’t know about. It’s a revenge comedy that’s a good movie to watch around Valentines day.

Frozen (2013)

A young woman with the powers of making ice, frost and snow runs away from her responsibilities and her little sister who goes out and looks for her for the sack of the people of her village. This was inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale on the Snow Queen. This movie focuses on empowering yourself when no one else will and sisterhood. This is an animated coming of age story.

Under The Tuscan Sun (2000)

After a divorce a middle aged woman buys a house in Tuscany and embraces herself in a new culture with new possibilities. Taking chances on yourself has a movie.

Waiting to Exhale (1995)

A story about four woman in different areas in their life hoing through a divorce, dating again, raising a child and career developments. This can be a very 90’s movie but I would not pass it up because of that. There is heartbreak and new romance in the same movie, so depending on what you like there’s something there for everyone.

Muriel’s Wedding (1999)

A woman moves to the big city with a roommate from her small town and the both of them experiences a lot of low with each other as support. This is a sad movie because of the events that happen. This movie focuses on having true friendship in the worst times of your life

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  1. I love Brave and Under the Tuscan Sun.


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