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Mini Movie Marathon: Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger is the lead singer of The Rolling Stones. The lead singer since the formation of the band in the 1960’s. He has appeared in a few movies throughout his music career on and off. A lot of the movies are novice efforts but still watchable. Here are some movies for a marathon.

Freejack (1992)

Immortality is one of the themes of this movie. This is a sci-fi action movie that was originally released in January. This movie is not perfect but it is a guilty pressure type of movie from the 1990’s that was influenced by movies like Blade Runner and Back to the Future. The mechanics of how the freejack work and the science behind it not really explained or explained well. Jagger is surrounded by other great actors like Emilio Estevez, Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo.

Emilio Estevez character is a race car driver in the early 90’s His girlfriend is Rene Russo and at the beginning of the movie, she was just offered a job as a secretary after months of looking for work. Estevez goes on a race and crashes his car. He is brought into the future a few seconds before he dies. Jagger plays a bounty hunter scientist rounding up people who are exported into the future. These people are called freejacks.

Jagger and Estevez work a great cat and mouse dynamic. He is definitely the cool bad guy with the great balance charm and humour. The concept was interesting but the special effects and the inconsistent tones of the script that were either too dark or lighten up this film can look dated for a movie that was made more than 15 years ago.


Performance (1970)

This was a British crime movie. This movie follows a gangster running away from the law and the mob after him after he killed a rival in self-defence. He takes refuge in a house owned by a former rocker star and his female mates. This was made in 1970 when the Rolling Stones were young and big so the former rocker star bit is at most a little funny. This movie also stars Anita Pallenberg, Michelle Berton and James Fox (the person hiding from the mob.) This movie has violence, mushroom-induced drug scenes and sexuality.

This was a hard movie to find on DVD when I was looking for it years ago but there’s a reason why. It’s more of a cult classic that’s very sixties. It looks very underground and has a representation of the counterculture of the sixties. There’s even original musical content from Mick Jagger (unlike the film Freejack.) There’s even a musical part in the movie where he is singing about sex, drugs and escapes. This is a werid movie that’s is rarely shown on television.


Ned Kelly (1970)

There are two versions of the movie Ned Kelly, one in 1970 and the other in 2003. This is about the film made in the 70’s. This film is a British-Austrailian film about a man that went into stealing horses, selling alcohol and went on a terrorist campaign against the British colonies.

This is watchable in the sense of it being a docu-drama. This is not Mick Jagger’s best work. He had slow deliveries with weird pauses. This might of been the first film that he was acting in. There are points in the movie where it looks like everyone else is aware of what’s happening and Jagger doesn’t. This film is like a Western filmed in the style of the sixties long cutscenes.


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