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Eight Noteworthy But Not That Common Awards

A list about unusual awards given for various reasons.

Not all awards are given to sports, the arts or to scientists. Some awards are given to people who fit a criteria did something that deserves recognition. An award should be given.

  1. Darwin Awards: This is an award given to stupid people who do really dumb things. This could include endangering their own lives or to people around them doing or saying something that would make someone question their intelligence. This is a nod to Charles Darwin who wrote a paper about species survival in nature – Survival of the Fittest.
  2. Razzie Awards: An award for the worst movie of the year. This is an annually given award to the film industry when a movie is so bad they are honoured as the worst. They have given different categories of awards just like the Oscars to “handout” to winning recipients. Notable mentions: Gigli, Showgirls, Trog, Emoji Movie and Body of Evidence
  3. Gluten-Free Awards: This is similar to the People’s Choice awards but only for gluten-free products. This award is only upvoted by the consumer by a public poll. The categories can be for beer, cake mix, popcorn or stuffing.
  4. Elser-Mathes Cup – The American Radio Relay League is the largest membership amateur radio club. They gave away a cup in 1928 to two Americans, Fred Johnson Elser and Stanley M. Mathes, for the “First Amateur Two-Way Communication Earth & Mars”
  5. Bent Spoon Award – An award is given for the past 30 years, individuals and organizations have been awarded to “the most preposterous piece of paranormal or pseudoscientific piffle”.
  6. International Cheese Awards – A cheese show and competition award given outside of Nantwich, England. It has a large draw of roughly around 3,000 people seasonally.
  7. Interactive Achievement Awards – This is also known as the D.I.C.E. awards. This is given to games, individuals and companies for achieving multi-billion dollar worldwide entertainment in software development. They are four special awards they give in their ceremonies: hall of fame, lifetime, pioneer and technical impact. Notable mentions: Game of the Year for 2017 was Overwatch
  8. USA Ultimate/Ultimate Players Association (Ultimate Frisbee) – This award was created in 1969 Columbia High School by Joel Silver, Bernard Hellring and Johnathan Hines experimenting with the rules on how to play. In the mid-late 70’s, the Ultimate expanded throughout the northwest and around the United States of America. Notable mentions: The “Founders” are in the Hall of Fame
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