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Mini Movie Marathon: Mickey Rourke

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Mickey Rourke is an American actor that has been performing since the 1980’s. He has made many movies in the action genre to drama to fantasy flicks. They are usually well performed and are relatable characters.

The Wrestler (2008)

A past his prime wrestler is forced to retire. He reflects on this life, tries making amends to people who are indifferent and angered by him and starting a new path. This movie can be sad. There are strong characters of people that been through hardships of life especially from the lead character, Randy “The Ram” Robinson. It’s a coming of age story when a person is facing retirement.

Movie Poster - The Wrestler
Movie Poster – The Wrestler

Diner (1982)

A coming of age story of four college students in the 1950’s who hang out in a diner together. This is a drama where there are some highs and lows portrayed in their lives. The time period looked authentic. The characters around the diner are very different from each other that when you see how they are friends is of their interactions and honesty.

Movie Poster – Diner

The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984)

Two cousins in New York unknowingly rip off the mob with consequences. Mickey Rourke us a New York City Beat Poet trying to help his friend throughout the movie. Mickey Rourke complements Eric Roberts in this movie as friends in a bind and the story pace was never slow. This is the movie where Johnny loses his thumbs. This is a movie to watch.

Movie Poster – The Pope of Greenwich Village
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