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13 Facts about Betta Fish

All about Betta Fish

I thought about having a Betta fish for a while. I may not have the space for the fish but here are some points that I came up with a long time ago about the Betta fish.

• Betta fish like silk plants for oxygen
• Betta fish can get along with Terra fish
• Betta fish will fight a goldfish
• Male Betta fish have larger fins to attract female Betta fish
• Wild Betta fish are different than domestic Betta fish in aggression
• Betta fish do often suffer from constipation
• Betta fish taste with their fins and can breathe air
• The vibrancy of their fins signify their health
• Betta fish are highly intelligent fishes
• Betta fish like hiding places in their tanks
• Betta fish were initially bred for competitive fighting, not for their fins or colour
• Betta fish were caught by winning the fight. Once the wounds healed from the past fights, the prize-winning fish would go into competition again against a new opponent.
• Siamese fighting fish competitions and collecting was a pastime for children from Thailand, Southern China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam since the 1800s

Here’s an illustration of a Betta fish I did. Hopefully this list will make you consider a Betta fish as a good pet to have but like any pet they require just as much care and love like any other pet. Be kind.

This is an illustration of a Betta fish I made.
Images: Under The Moonlight


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