Eight Well Known Awards Made Out of Gold

Gold is the most coveted award most people can hope to get for an accomplishment. The rare metal was used as a symbol of prestige since the age of antiquity. The metal is still used in awards in various degrees to this day. These awards are listed by their own weight in gold.

Pulitzer Prize

Silver with 24-carat gold in a cherry wood box with brass hardware

This award is given for the highest degree achievement to journalism, newspapers, magazines and online journalism, literature and musical composition in the United States of America. It is not really given to a single person but to an organization for their collective achievements. It was created by Joesph Pulitzer in 1917. One side of the medal has Benjamin Franklin in profile and the other side has a husky bare-chested and barefooted man at a press pulling a lever. The words around the printer are “For disinterested and meritorious public service rendered by an American newspaper during the year…”

Olympic Gold Medals

92.5% Silver and 6 grams of gold (minimum) on a thick ribbon with a pin.

The highest non-military award that can be given to a person. The first gold medallion was issued in 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece and the first trio of awards were given out in 1906 St. Louis, U.S.A. all medals must be 3mm thick and 60mm diameter. Until the 1960s, the medals had the goddess of victory before it was modernized.

Academy Award (Oscars)

Solid bronze plated with 24-carat gold

At 13.5 inches tall and 8.5 lbs winning an “Oscar” seems very heavy to carry. The official name is Academy Award of Merit. The award was nicknamed Oscar when the librarian (Margaret Herrick) at the time commented that it looked like her uncle Oscar. The awards are discouraged to be sold. When Oscars are not accepted they are usually kept in a vault within the Academy Awards storage area.

Nobel Prize

18-carat green gold plate with 24-carat gold

The Nobel prize is the international award that recognizes physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine, business, literature advances and works for peace. Named after Alfred Nobel the inventor, entrepreneur, scientist and businessman, part-time poet and drama writer was the founder of the Nobel prize. He left the equivalent of 265 billion dollars today to fund the prize program. Depending on what award it is a different message appears on the medallion but they usually have Alfred Nobel on the medal with Greek-influenced illustrations. Before the 1980’s the gold award was 23-carat gold. The award is 66mm and 2.4mm – 5.2mm in thickness.

Super Bowl Ring

10-carat (minimum) white gold with diamonds no larger than 1.5 carats

This ring is given to the winning team of the Super Bowl Playoffs. The ring cost $5,000 per ring to manufacture and all the players receive the ring has a keepsake of the Lombardi Trophy which is given to the team itself. It’s made with gold, silver and diamonds with the team name, team logo and Super Bowl number in Roman numerals. Depending on the Super Bowl various amounts of diamonds are contributed to the design.

Carnegie Medal

No percent available. In order of most used in alloy material: bronze, copper, zinc, silver and gold.

The Canadian and American award for people who would risk their own lives in an extraordinary degree to rescue their fellow man. This is funded by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commision that started because of the 1904 Harrick, Pittsburgh, PA coal mine disaster. The gold awards are rarely given to contenders and only around 19 people were ever awarded. One side on the coin has a profile of Andrew Carnegie and the other side is the seal of Newfoundland.

American Bar Association Medal

14-carat gold

“Exceptionally distinguished service by a lawyer or lawyers to the cause of American jurisprudence” is the reason why lawyers are given the American Bar Association Medal. The medal promotes the best qualities of being a lawyer high ethical conduct, professionalism, competence, the best in high legal education and pro bono and public service in the legal profession. The award was in 24-carat gold but was reduced to 14-carat gold. It has an inscription from John Marshall, a politician who served as the 4th Chief Justice between 1801 to 1835 in the United States of America has the longest-serving chief justice in Supreme Court history, says “To the end it may be a government of laws and not of men.” On the reverse, it has Lady Justice with “Justitia” written on it.

Medal of Military Valour

24 carat gold-plated, sterling silver and 7.5% copper

There are many countries that have something similar to the highest medal to achieve in the military forces. The medal is awarded to members of the Canadian Forces or an allied armed force serving with/in the Canadian Forces. It awards valour, self-sacrifice or devotion to duties in the presence of enemies. It was first established in 1993 and has the Royal Cypher and Crown inscribed “PRO VALORE” on one side and a maple leaf with a wreath of laurel on the other side. It also has the name of the recipient on the edge engraved.

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