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Game Night: Twisted Funny

This movie is very re-watchable on a rainy day. Game Night is a dark comedy that has a lot of recognizable faces in a cleverly scripted movie. A layered film of adults enjoying a game night with some friends and a brother from out of town going in a lot of directions, fun and unexpected. There’s also a lot of references to games you play as a group like hot potato, whodunit mysteries, role-playing.

Max and Annie are two people who are competitive in games met and get married. A few years later, they are still close, trying to have a baby and now host game nights at their house with a small group of their friends. After a meeting with their doctor, they set up shop to start to host a game night with Max’s brother, Brooks, who he hasn’t seen in years coming over. Brooks filled with embarrassing stories and Max’s dream car, a Corvette Stingray, dominated the scoreboard which played with Max’s head and night with Annie.

Screenshot of Brooks winning at guess that name game. A man is holding a post-it note reading from it.
Screenshot of Brooks winning at guess that name game.

They promised to bring their game faces in for the next game night that Brooks offered to host in his new house. In the middle of starting the next game night at Brooks’s house where he just explained his role-playing game, he gets kidnapped by some criminals. The three couples split up and start playing the game that Brooks initially had in mind. But after questioning the actors involved with the small production and finding Brooks in peril they start to realize that he’s in danger. Then the mood of the night changes. Things turn real. They collectively try to rescue Brooks from “The Bulgarian”, an international crime boss after a list Brooks stole months prior.

Screenshot of Gary holding his little doggie in front of his house talking to his neighbours before sundown.
Screenshot of Gary holding his little doggie in front of his house talking to his neighbours before sundown.

All the characters have weird quirks about them. Max and Annie are competitive, Kevin and Michelle are the long-lasting couple from middle school that discover that one of them was with another person who is a celebrity and Ryan and Sarah are a new couple that just hooked up because they work with each other. Their police officer neighbour is just the creepy guy next door that’s still heartbroken about his wife leaving him who wants to go back to the group game night. Also, the man mistakenly identified as Denzel Washington at a gas station by Michelle in one of the backstories.

Screenshot of Annie giving Max a pet chew toy before she digs a bullet out of him.
Screenshot of Annie giving Max a pet chew toy before she digs a bullet out of him.

The film has a lot of dark edges like being shot, kidnapping, drug references and fist fighting but with humour attached. Just the humour is dark and fun and layered in storytelling. Almost everything in the film is at least repeated twice in two parts of the film. There’s a lot of game references in the film beyond role-playing games and whodunits like Pictionary, drinking games, names in a hat game and Jenga.

The cinematography looks a little game-changing and has a nice flow to it. When they were stealing a Faberge egg by playing a game of hot potato with the camera always following the egg being thrown and caught and the lock remaining stationary when the door is being turned when Brooks was tied up in the bar. The editing cuts look fast with impressive angles of action shots that build on the intensity of the scene. Also, the overhead shot of the neighbourhoods looking like miniatures but were very overhead shots were very impressive.

I would suggest watching the film to you get after the ending title and the after credits of the movie. It’s rewatchable because it’s funny. Nothing revealed in the movie is wasted or not referenced again by another person like a short story, all the twists that have tied upending and punchlines.

Trailer for Game Night

Genre: Comedy
Year: 2018
Duration: 100 minutes

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four out of five stars

All screenshots are from the film

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