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Embroidery to Remember

Embroidered Panels for Craft Action Toronto

In 2016, I was able to participate in an embroidery project to create some panels for the project We’ve Always Been Here for Craft Action Toronto. The final project is on display in Toronto at the 519 Community Centre on Church Street. The panels were for the ten year anniversary for Dyke March Toronto.

I never got to see the panels on the street when all the panels were completed but I have seen them on other feeds, like on Craft Action Toronto Instagram feed. They looked fantastic and all of them were very creative. These are my contributions for the panel project.

Alison Bechdel Panel

This is a finished mini banner of Alison Bechdel. This was inspired by the illustrations from her series “Dykes To Watch Out For”, a long-running comic series from 1983 to 2008. This panel was embroidered with various gauges of string and yarn.

Embroidery of the Alison Bechdel panel

Betty Baxter Panel

This panel was made to illustrate a volleyball match at the 1976 Montreal Olympics Games by embroidery. She was the head coach for the Canadian volleyball team in 1979, but was fired a few years later after her sexual orientation was rumoured throughout the media back in 1982. I illustrated this panel from scratch. I used a volleyball match as a reference for the illustration I drew then embroidered.

Embroidery of the Betty Baxter panel

Greta Garbo Panel

Greta Garbo was a legendary film star from 1920’s Hollywood. She was well known for her portrayal of strong women in film. These was completed by glitter gold fabric paint with a rendition of her signature and a star.

Greta Garbo painted panel

Ellen DeGeneres Panel

This was completed with multi-coloured yarn and glitter paint. Her title cards of “Ellen” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” make up her name on this panel with iridescent blue fabric paint in the background for dimension. This panel also shows the original time slots of her groundbreaking show “Ellen” on ABC at the left and her currently successful daytime show on NBC at the right.

Ellen DeGeneres embroidered and painted panel
Images by Under The Moonlight
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