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Interesting Facts about the Colour Blue

All about the Colour Blue

Scientific explanation: Humans have trichromats in sight which means humans have three types of retinal cones sensitive to long, medium and short wavelengths. Long is red, Medium is green and short is blue.

Artistic explanation: It’s a primary colour closely associated with water and fertility. The personality of this colour is associated with nobility, wisdom and calmness. It is also used to describe sadness and depression.

Fun Facts:

  • The phrase “going Blue” in film means the subject matter is dealing heavily with adult subject matter. While “bit of blue” means a character that’s usually seen has clean said a line that’s considered
  • In Islam, blue is used to decorate mosques because of the symbolic and it’s connection to religion and community.
  • Neptune is blue because of a composited of ammonia, hydrogen, helium and methane, not because of a vast ocean side
  • There is no blue coloured food anywhere. The closest to blue coloured food would be berries especially blueberries which is more indigo-purple.
  • When dining for weight loss, blue plates can help reduce appetite.
  • The colour blue is associated with water universally.
  • Soft blue is a colour that’s used in bedrooms due to its relaxing effects.
  • Blue light therapy can help wear off precancerous lesions. This procedure is called Levlan
  • A blue blood is a member of the aristocracy.
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