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Interesting Facts about the Colour Red

All about the Colour Red

Scientific explanation: In digital media, it’s a colour that’s derived from light and how we see colour.

Humans have trichromats in sight which means humans have three types of retinal cones sensitive to long, medium and short wavelengths. Long is red, Medium is green and short is blue.

Artistic explanation: It’s a primary colour. There are two types of reds a yellow tone (tomato) and blue tone (berry). These types of reds can be used in various ways but the vividness of red is still vibrant.

It’s the colour of passion and romance; and also the colour of warning and danger. The use of red in art and design is to capture attention. This may be due to our biological tendencies to be attracted to a colour that reminds us of sex and violence at once.

Fun Facts:

  • It is the most used colour in logo design and flag design.
  • Orange and red have been used in food advertisements to stimulate appetite.
  • In China, it’s associated with good luck and fortune.
  • In Jamaica, red is slang for drunk.
  • Red amulets are often worn as a symbol to prolong life.
  • Red cars crash more often due to excessive assertiveness and aggression.
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