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Urbella: The World’s First Hands-Free Umbrella

Product Design Project

This was an urbrella that I made in a product design course. It was the first umbrella I made but doll size for prototyping purposes. This was a project that was inspired by the rain that happened practically non-stop over the summer. This was the ultimate poncho. The next up umbrella. An umbrella that is best suited for heavy rain, typhoons and down pours. The coat is supposed to be a protective layer when umbrellas are too weak.

The materials that are visible are wax coated nylon and clear plastic fabric. The wax nylon and plastic fabric were impossible to sew. And the wax nylon had a strong smell when I purchased it. (It would of been best if I aired it out.) I chose dark green has the colour because I liked the colour and thought it looked urban. A lot of fashion nowadays have a muted colour tone to them like a lot of black, beiges, greens, washed out colours and metallics. I used double adhesive seam tape to assemble the umbrella. The skeletal frame was made with foam that I had to form to cover the back.

The Urbella front
The Urbella front
The Urbella back
The Urbella back

Before I got to this stage of the design, I made three prototypes of what the product could of looked like and were my troubleshooting stage to my design. It also showed that sewing with this material was difficult.

The Urbella was supposed to be a combination of the protective shape of a turtle shell and the aesthetic style of a camping tent. The back closed by it collapsing like a Russian nesting doll then it tied up at the back.

When I did the presentation I made a flyer and presented my product with detail as much as possible. With some insight into my project I was told it could be used for boating, typhoon weather and for affordable fashion. If I chose different colours and added more things that made it look more Victorian it would open up a different market for the Urbella. The material that I chose for the overall colour came in different colours like red, black, blue, mustard and fuchsia. The colour choice made the look a little authoritarian like it was for the military when it wasn’t.

Urbella presentation
Urbella presentation

If I was to market the Urbella, I would need to change one fundamental part of the whole attire – the wrapping back to be more efficient in material. I would change the clear plastic material to be more fixable and a more efficient belt clasp for adjustments. This would be ready for market only if I explore different options for protective covering to make it full body.

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