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Liquid Sky: 80’s Art House Alien Invasion Movie

Liquid Sky is a weird movie that's a little rare and very 80's with the visuals and music.

This is a film made in the 1980s New York apart from the art house independent movie scene. An invisible alien feeding off of people after…. is just weird. But entertaining. For a cult movie, it is influential in many ways. This film is a rated-R dark comedy from the 1980’s from an independent film production.

This movie has a large amount of drug use, nudity, profanity and adult situations. The title is slang for heroin – Liquid Sky. This movie is about a tiny invisible alien from outer space that came to New York City for heroin. The alien follows an androgynous bisexual model in her life for a few weeks killing the people she had sex with. The aliens forms crystal spikes out of their heads after orgasm getting high off of the spikes that vanish instantly.

The acting in this movie is wooden and emotionless. The actors going on like yeah I know whatever kind of moods. The soundtrack is kitschy. A lot of the dialogue is dry and emotionless but fitting since if it was any warmer it wouldn’t have that big city feel. When I watch this it seems like they were going for a nonchalant way of acting. As if they were artsy big shots in a big city. This was very common to see with a movie produced during the 1980’s to the late 1990’s that involved artsy personalities. So in retrospect, it does work to convey a community.

The lead in this film was two characters. She was the male character and female character. On paper, I was able to tell that the characters were distinct to some degree but the acting was bland. This can come down to a choice of style or one role should’ve gone to another person. She doesn’t show much personality with the male character. The lead character takes a lot of influence from David Bowie and New Wave/synth-pop music.

This film is science-fiction with the invisible alien invading Earth. No one ever sees the alien but it is represented in first person point of view with a film filter. This was inventive to use the viewer has the alien in that perspective. The screen view changes into something very blurred and solarized in effects. The blacklight face painting scene has some beautiful work of colours and a good monologue. Also, it’s one of the best story arcs of the film.


This is an interesting movie to watch that stays with you for awhile because it’s so weird. I would recommend this film as a late night movie to watch. But watching this movie it is understandable why this movie went over audience’s heads when first released. I didn’t find the movie funny than I found it to be weird. The pace and the tone of the film don’t hold up to be a funny comedy let alone a dark comedy. But it is interesting and entertaining than most films.

The music was not great in most places and was most likely just made for the movie. It sounds like it’s from a theremin then synthesized the crap out of. But the music is not irritating at all, it just makes the movie a little more interesting to follow.

When this was reviewed by Siskel and Ebert in 1984 on their show At The Movies, they even admitted it’s a weird movie because they said: “it was no more has a fashion show, a depressing fashion show that didn’t have a good plot.” Siskel wanted it to be funnier and Ebert wanted it to be more interesting. The fashion aspect that they are talking about is completely a reflection of the 1980’s. The fashion and excess that came from it on top of being an alien invasion movie which was common in the 1980’s.

The film debuted in the Montreal Film Festival in 1982 and was well received in other film festivals. It was produced with a very small budget in 1980’s standards and was successful making more than double its original budget.


Genre: Science Fiction / Art House
Year: 1982
Duration: 118 minutes

Rating: 2 out of 5.
 This film gets 2 out of 5 stars. 
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