Underrated Vampire Bosses

A large female mouth with lipstick and vampire fangs over the "Hollywood" sign.

There are known vampire bosses like Dracula or Lady Bathory who are intimidating and vicious for their hint of blood. Then there are forgotten vampire bad guys that are imitating just not memorable. This is a list of vicious villainous vamps in great horror films.

Max, Manager of Sales in Bloodthirsty Bastards (2015)

A sales floor at a medicore firm mysteriously turns into “night shift” workers after the new sales manager at a windowless office starts. They start to either disappear or become “better workers.” It has some gory bloody scenes for a quirky mid-2010s comedy. It’s a funny office comedy with Pedro Pascal as the new sales floor manager. There is no new vampire lore that is attached to understanding the film.

Cisserus in Vamps (2012)

A vampire queen with two minion vampires who have dead-end night jobs wants to break free from their master who turned them into vampires to live a life after one of them falls in love with a descendant of Professor Abraham Van Helsing. Their master, Cisserus, a mid-aged female vampire who hunts too freely for the vampire community hunts down anyone with a dating app. It’s a funny comedy with some questionable special effects of vampire “magic” but the story is very strong and has an endearing side to the tale of the young women vampires who were too young for too long.

Liz Batho / Elizabeth Báthory in Chastity Bites (2013)

A Lady Bathory-type vampire hunts for blood in a Christan Chastity club at a school only to be stopped by Van Helsing’s great-great-great-granddaughter. The film sometimes feels like it goes on for too long but the vampire is mesmerizing, cliques in popularity groups and the twist that it’s Lady Bathory and not Dracula this time makes the villain stand out among horror comedies.

The Countess in Once Bitten (1985)

A vampire hunts for virgin blood to remain young by turning young people into vampires to stay with her in her lair in a 1980s West LA mansion. A young senior meets the Countess on her late-night hunts and mesmerizes him to the point that his dreams are invaded with images of her. This is an early Jim Carey film that has some weird and funny vamp scenes.

Father Paul Hill in Midnight Mass (2021 – Limited Series)

Based on the limited series and without destroying the twist. New happenings occur in an isolated small dying New England town until a new pastor comes to temporarily replace the previous pastor. New miracles happen that evoke the town to a new misguided light. This limited series is mostly a satire about religion, small-town isolation and death. It has more of a serious tone throughout the series run unlike the horror comedies stated beforehand.

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