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Great Ideas for Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Unconventional treats for Halloween that's more than just candy.

This is for people who want a different treat for Halloween or want to change it up a bit when you don’t want to hand out candy for Halloween. Candy may not be for everyone but it is a stable for celebrating this one day.

I would like to think I would like to change it up a bit for Halloween like crayons, yo-yos or puzzle books. This list below are some samples of what you can try for next Halloween.

Eraser / Pencils

Halloween-themed pencils and erasers are a nice treats as stationary like this can be used for school time work.

Mini Colouring Book

This is a fun activity as a after Halloween is over (yes, it does happen.) This could be a dollar store book or illustrations you drew and copied for kids.


Glitter stickers, bubble stickers, neon ghost stickers. It’s stickers there cool.


Even though it is fruit you’re handing out, not candy, it’s not unheard of. Some people really do hand out fruits has an alternative to candy. In grocery stores, there’s single serving wrapped fruits that can be used to hand out fruits. Popular fruits handed out are apples, oranges, bananas, raisins, prunes, etc.

Glow-In-The-Dark Toys

This can be fun but with most glow-in-the-dark toys this is referencing solid toys that do glow-in-the-dark not liquid filled toys with glow-in-the-dark substances. This are fun and since you would be giving these to kids at night when they would be using them. These could be cat shaped, bat shaped or ghost shaped toys. They are fun to play with when they glow so charge them up during the day.

Arts and Crafts

You can hand out watercolour paints, crayons, or make your own toy kit. There are mini watercolour kits available at dollar stores and craft store depending on how much you want to hand out and availability of the product. Make your own giveaway craft kit can be fun and filled with personality.

Halloween Cookie Cutters

This is pretty easy to do so pairing this with a recipe of a great cookie recipe when giving these away should be considered.

Dollar Store Toys

I might of mentioned a bit about the availability of somethings at a local dollar store already, this is about toys actually there at a dollar store like, yo-yo’s, jax, playing cards, Slinkys and play-ohs. A great way to give this out is letting the kids pick there own toys from mixed-in container with everything in there so that they get some thing that they who like. Novelty Halloween toys can be found here as well.

Mini Flashlights

This is another fun and practical tool for the night when giving out a mini flashlight for Halloween. This can be a basic flashlight or festive. Either one this can be used when needed.

Hopefully, you found this informative and try out on Halloween one of these ideas… with candy. Remember to address that there are small toys, stickers or other items when giving out these treats.

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