"The Future is Robots" in 80's style

People Overly Reliant on Technology about Every Daily Task

This is a hypothetical scenario about technology can overtake our lives.

This is a problem that is already happening right now. People are worried that computers might take over all jobs even retail work. Machines will always need people because of maintenance, operation, and use. Why would machines or artificial intelligence be used if there wasn’t a necessity or other purpose?

But people go on computers, phones, electronically enhanced mirrors of very little things like newspaper reading, writing and magnifying areas on your face. The gadgets may be simplifying life a lot but two things to keep in mind. First, we are not at a Jetson-Skynet futuristic gadget capability yet because we don’t have the technology and the relaxed regulations for that to happen. And for every new machinery that supposedly takes a man-made job, few more computer jobs take its place.

People preferring time with the internet

It’s easier to spend time with the computer than with a human because the computer always has time for you. At 3am or 5pm, the computer is entertainment, storage and resource tool. People are often too busy with the growing demands in life. People too busy to interact with other when it really is people not wanting to interact with anyone. Everyone is “busy” and no one as the time for anything. Well, that’s understandable with the expansion of more entertainment being out there.

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