Mobile Game Review: Noonkey

This was a mobile game that I semi-became obsessed with after I downloaded it a few months ago. Well, I am finished playing the game and I have a few comments about the play, the graphics and ending. This game is very simple, just tap the glass.

The story if the game is about a girl who was just dumped and cries. She sits on a park bench and flower-named fairies come out to throw her flowers. The player would have to tap on Noonkey or the flowers to collect points.

This game is calming. The music is soft and the graphic are manga-style based. This game is blue and it is literately blue. The power level makes her tears larger, turns it into snow or just doubles the tears. There are no steaks in the game and there is no time limit. It basically a very easy game. Maybe a little bit to easy. There are at least twelve level of the game and five major transformations that happen to Noonkey. There is an option to use power ups that are just given to the player by in literally being dropped on your lap or by watching a video. Also it can be purchased. These power ups are in the form of gems that you give the fairies in forms of hats, wings or wands.

Visually the game it very simple and like I said before very blue. The background changes colour in power up mode. Noonkey is sitting in front of a tree that also transforms with her.

The ending might be ambiguous. It seems like there may not be an actual ending after all the fairies are collected. Noonkey nakes a final transformation but that’s actually it. It may be an unannounced extension of the game to continue playing.

This is a visually nice small game.

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