Important Dolls in Society

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These are just inanimate objects with humanoid faces. They were used as toys, training tools and religious figures for celebration.

  1. Barbie / Fashion doll – Fashion dolls are dolls that are dressed to reflect what is in style in current fashion. These dolls are modelled after the range of teenagers to adults. They could be made out of wax, vinyl or plastic. Most of them are collectables. Barbie dolls are the most widely recognized type of fashion doll that exists. Most fashion dolls that were made after the creation of the Barbie doll are modelled after this toy. Some action figures follow the same motifs with stylization. The fashion dolls are the most well-known type of doll in the world. (Notable mentions: Bild Lilli Doll, the first modern fashion doll before Barbie; Bisque dolls were porcelain dolls that were popular between 1860 to 1890. Stores only sold fashion items for the dolls)
  2. Voodoo Doll – These dolls are used in ceremonies in voodoo to associate with the person of focus. They are not psionically connected with the person; for example, if the doll leg breaks the person leg does not. These were like rag dolls but are filled with personal items of their object of interest and special oils. They are used to help the spirits to be open to them and to grant the wishes of the person involved. These dolls are seen within a grey area, dark or light depending on who is using them. (Notable mentions: Voodoo is a culture and religion that stems from Catholicism. It is a religion that helps to cope with the complexities and concepts of life.)
  3. Matryoshka Doll – These are also known as Russian nesting dolls because they are stacking dolls that get gradually larger and larger the more you add to the small little doll inside. Matryoshka is Russian for little matron or mother. They are often represented as symbols of motherhood and fertility. They can vary in many themes from fairy tale to political people. The most commonly used themes for these dolls are Russian peasent woman in traditional dress jumpers and sarafan.
  4. Porcelain Dolls – Most well known are the Victorian dolls. The faces and hands are ceramic, painted with white gloss and some detail for eyes, cheeks and mouths. These are known as Bisque doll because they were made out of Bisque porcelain. These dolls were too fragile and heavy.
  5. Resusci AnnieThis doll was created in Paris in 1900 Paris. It was originally modelled after a death face mask of a drowning victim in the River Seine. The girl was known has the “Girl from the River Seine.” Death masks like this were common because it took all the features of the face at the time death to make it as a keepsake or for identfication. The mask was eventually sold to a toy maker company to produce life-like maniquins for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  6. Rag Doll – These are dolls anyone can easily make for anyone has a gift. These were homemade dolls made from fabric scrapes. These are one of the oldest children’s toys around found in many cultures.
    (Notable mentions: Raggetdy Ann started off as a character in a book series illustrated for children by American writer John Gruelle.)
  7. Victorian Mourning Dolls – These dolls were to mark the death of a close person in someone’s life. These dolls were apart of the burial ceremony at a funeral and were meant for mourning.
  8. Bobbleheads – When I think of baseball I think of bobbleheads These are enlarged heads on a spring attached to a small wooden body. These are more like moving figurines. This are a type of collectible toy that can earn value with interest. These are known as contemporary collectable.
  9. Troll Doll – This was a 90’s phenomenon because of how prevalent they were and how out of the blue they were. These were ugly dolls that came I various styles: glow-in-the-dark had jewels in their bellies, were tiny or were very large. These were dolls that everyone was collecting beanie babies or comic books. (Notable mentions: These dolls were all over Mimi’s desk on the Drew Carey Show)
  10. Egli-Figuren / Nativity dolls – These are dolls that helped tell a biblical story. These puppets could be for the Nativity scene around Christmas time or to describe in visual detail. The oldest doll company that still produce these dolls are in Sonnenbühl, Germany called Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biblische Figuren e.V..
History of Dolls
Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biblische Figuren e.V..

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