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Can we really be replaced by AI robots?

How the future is automated obsessed than ever.


In a world where we are heading towards more technology to help us with daily tasks. Some people do ask if when we will be replaced by robots? The best and most true answer about robotic replacements is that it’s never really going to happen because there are somethings that humans will always be able to do better. Creative thinking and past experience will always better than programmed outcomes. Genuinely a personality with the ability to think more objectively always wins.

How artificial intelligence works

Artificial intelligence works by mimicry of human cognitive that are represented in the human mind through problem solving and learning. There are two types of methods used for artificial intelligence development: symbolic and connectionist. In other words, by analysing cognition independent of the biological structure or by intimidating neural networks of the brain.

Machines learn through machine learning. Machine learning is the ability to give machines to learn with programming. For example, recaptra security (I’m not a robot) has the ability to learn what the pictures are when entering the bypass information. It is learning from the input data and will retrive information when needed the more the machine practices.

Creative thinking in the real world

When you work around computers, you learn that you can’t be too reliant on computers to help you to do everything with a task you are doing. Some tasks require thinking and concentration to complete certain tasks. This is really beyond auto correct and apps on phones when you are considering the idea that robots with artificial intelligence can take over all jobs.

Artificial intelligence can only do what the program allows itself to do. This means that if a task requires simple or out of the box thinking it may not have the desired results.

Instead of robots, augmented reality is better

Augmented reality usability in the workforce is not only in its infancy but is more productive for workers and their companies than a robot. Machines can not replace everyone (depending on your job) in tasks that require thinking that from experiences and creativity. This could be in design, sales, writing, consulting, etc. Artificial intelligence will only rely on the information written into the program. With anything that is written a bit of the programmer’s sense of judgement and choice will be written into the program; even if it’s from a large company with multiple people inserting input.

An example would be the iPod shuffle program. When the device came out people complained about how unrandom the shuffle program was. People were complaining about how the music selection sounded like it was playing the same kind of genre all the time. They programmed an algorithm to make it more random. Some people would have made their own playlist but that takes out the discovery play from the word randomized.

Artificial intelligence will have artificial personality

This is only logical to think that because people have past experiences and behaviours that make up a personality. It’s going to be hard to program antidotes and quips that would make a conversation go by more smooth than programmed laughter. Even though some people have fake laughs without being a robot.

Staying intuitive in a field and staying relevant is one thing a computer can’t really do.

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