12 Photo Editing Software that I have heard of

It’s always good to have alternative software to experiment with to see what works better or has interesting features. There are most likely more programs out there for use but these are the ones that I know of. Some I tested out while others it’s based on reviews and product descriptions that seem worth wild to try.

Adobe Photoshop

This is a program that I use often. It is the most popular photo editing software that is well known to people who usually wouldn’t use photo editing software. It can be difficult to the extreme novice but it’s fairly easy to pick up with a lot of tutorial books/videos to help anyone pick up a new skill or two. Adobe Photoshop is considered to be an industry standard for graphics work.

This is freeware for photo editing. Many people can use this software. This works similar to Photoshop. This may require downloading some software to use but mostly free. Many industries use this software when they need to use graphics software temporarily.

Corel Paint Shop Pro

This photo editing software is more like Microsoft paint than an editing software. There are many programs that Corel developed for photo editing or for painting, this one had more filters for gamma effects than Photoshop.

This is a website that offers photo editing online. It is free to use and no download required for the product to work.

ArcSoft Photo Studio

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to use this program. But it looks like it has a full range of effects and filters to be able to manipulate your photos. It has a pictorial layout that can handle large scale files from professional grade DSLR cameras. It has a secondary panel that opens up beside the subject photo so that you are not blocking your subject when editing.

This is semi-designed like Photoshop but online and free to use by anyone. I originally heard about this from Roberto Blake’s YouTube channel and tried it out. It runs out of your browser. It can edit Photoshop, .jpg, .tiff and Sketch files.

Portrait Pro
This is just a program that I heard of recently. On the website or the software, there are some great examples that show what the software can do with video tutorials. But there are different grades of programs available.

This is a surprisingly large web app for photo retouching and editing. It has all the filters, transparencies and effects of Photoshop but some effects that look Instagram inspired. It runs on HTML5 so there’s not a lot to download. But if want the program on your device, there’s an app available.

MAGIX XARA Photo & Graphic Designer

This is mostly based on product reviews and descriptions of the program. This program is a combination of graphic design layout and photo editing. It looks like you can create photo posters or brochures with the software. It has some selection on textured effects and filters that seem promising.

There is a choice of express or editor – a compressed version or full version. It could be an app download or an online web app. The online version runs on Adobe Flash.

This is a popular photo editor that can edit photo similar to Instagram. You can edit photo on their website with a variety of colour filters and resizing options.

Be Funky
This has a lot of features that’s easy to use and fun. There’s one mode that helps you apply effects on layouts and photos. It has a variety of filters like vignettes. It’s another online web app that has more features available after signing up for it.

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