How to Save a Low Resolution File

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With any file, it is good practice to know how to save a file at a small file size for artwork proofing or email distribution. Especially when you have really large files. This method will help you save files that don’t change the overall look of your work.

It is best to have these files has a copy of your work and to outline your fonts to help get a smaller file size. This is a process that uses Adobe design programs has an example but it is possible to have other programs like Corel design programs with similar processes.

Method one: A simple jpeg

In some design software, you can convert design files to .jpeg to send them to other people.

  • Under File>Save As>Image click .JPEG
  • Make sure that the .jpeg settings have a low resolution setting at 72 dpi and is saved at the lowest resolution in the save queue.

Method two: An optimized/ compressed .pdf file

If you want to still keep your files has a .pdf or have a large file then saving a compressed copy can be done.

In Acrobat

  • First, make sure that your file is already saved as a .pdf
  • Then go to File>Save As>Optimized File
  • Click on Settings to open the formatting menu. Check the settings to look like this:
File formating in Adobe Acrobat
File formatting in Adobe Acrobat

In Adobe Illustrator / InDesign

  • In Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign, go to File>Save As
  • Select .pdf format
  • On the side of the save queue, click on compression. Check the settings to look like this:
File formatting in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Remember to always check the resolution of the file so that it doesn’t look too bad to send to other people.

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