Six True Story Films about Technology

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Finding films based on technological achievements is hard. There are a lot of movies about war, memoirs or life-changing events that don’t focus on new machinery or technology. These films are based on a true story. The stories are unique on their own and engaging.

Apollo 13 (1995)

the moon landing

This is about the moon expedition of 1969. The United States of America and Russia were in an Arms race because of the Cold War. The U.S.A. started to expand their research division to outdo Russia and find new ground in space exploration. The real-life Apollo mission took place in the summer of 1969. After the Sputnik exploration and during an in-season football game on television. There was some drama hyped up but it is a classic movie of the 1990s showing the heights of what science accomplished. This film is gripping with suspense of what else could happen to this crew.

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1993)

the origins of apple computers and microsoft computers business relationship

This movie follows the early careers of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. If you have a computer or were around in the ’90s, then a lot of what they discuss in this docudrama is explored. The movie was made in the 90’s so there’s a lot of information that’s not there. The facts in this movie are true about the two companies but just surface level. For example the naming of the Apple Lisa computer and the Xerox incorporation association with Microsoft.

The Social Network (2012)

the early years of facebook

The birth of Facebook and its creators. This is a drama that involves a lot of discussion about how the social media platform was created. This was nominated for an Academy award and even has some technological achievements with one of the actors being digitally masked to another person’s face just to look like he had a twin. There are a few stretching of the truths in this film when it deals with the actual friendship of the characters. It was exaggerated a bit for dramatic purposes. Side note, it has a memorable sidetrack.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

wind power being delivered in a small Malawi’s village

This is a heartwarming story about a 13-year-old boy who builds a windmill to help his family retrieve water and collect energy. The battle that the family and the village had to overcome was the drought that dried up their crops and food sources. After the boy was kicked out of school for stealing he went back into the school’s library and read a book about wind energy. He came interested in the subject and started to build a windmill for his family. This was based on the memoirs of The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. This was also the first full-length film that Chiwetel Ejiofor directed. This theme of this movie is all about determination and not giving up on a solution when you know it could work.

Moneyball (2013)

baseball algorthrims

This film is based on the baseball algorithm of picking which player to play for the game based on statistics. The film is based on the experimental technology that the Oakland A’s did to pick up some wins during a losing season.

Snowden (2014)

groundbreaking report of digital security and government privacy

This film is about the whistleblower John Snowden who was employed by the U.S. government security bureau. It’s a frightening tale of modern technology based on the years of the lead character spent in the C.I.A. It tells a tale of a person overworked with too much information. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s lower vocal tone is strange but the story is engaging that you might not notice. The film has brief appearances of Timothy Olyphant and Nicholas Cage in supporting roles.

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