Fictional Movies staring Today’s Technology

As technology changes new movies emerge about new technology. These are movies based on the 21st century advancements.

I previously did a list about the technology used in old 1990s movies and if it held up over time. This list will focus on the fictional stories about technology that were recently invented. Both movie lists were set modern day and not in the future.

Emoji Movie (2017)

emoji and various applications

Most movies can be hilariously bad or so terrible it’s entertaining but this film has too many repetitive jokes that can run stale and can be soulless to watch. But the film has one aspect in spades. The overwhelming amount of applications on a smartphone to make it look like a smartphone. The amount of product placement in one movie that’s a software as a service (SaaS) companies for the attempt of realism is a lot loaded in the device.

Screenshot of the Emoji Movie with main character walking across the screen in a city setting with other emojis in the background.
Screenshot of The Emoji Movie (2017). Courtesy of Sony Pictures.

The Internship (2013)

google and google products

Google is an existing company that provides various services but mainly is a search engine. This movie was the fictional version of the company showcasing its various services. Two middle-aged men just lost their salesman job and now are faced in a new job market that’s new and hard to get into. They decide to get an internship with Google in hopes of getting a job with the company. It’s a comedy of a very common problem with a well-known company has its largest backdrop.

Screenshot of The Internship. Two middle aged men with Google hats enjoy a conversation with someone off-screen.
Screenshot from The Internship (2013). Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

Unfriended (2014)

online video conference

After a teenaged girl is humiliated on the internet by jerks, her spirit decides to live in the social media bubble and execute the assholes on the internet. This is almost like an updated Bloody Mary horror story but with spoiled teenagers with too much technology at their fingertips. The filming perspective is very experimental and fitting that it’s in the eyes of the computer camera. There is a sequel called Unfriended: The Dark Web which is the same concept.

Screenshot from Unfriended. A teen girl screaming into the camera with tears.
Screenshot from Unfriended (2014). Courtesy of Blumhouse & Universal.

Searching (2018)

social media, email, and online applications

This is a digital film noir with the computer screen has the storyteller and stage. The whole film takes place on a widower’s computer screen that he had since Windows XP was around. The new way this film takes place is interesting that the computer screen is not a prop but a part of the main production. After his daughter is declared missing he goes on his own investigation by hunting through her endless social media accounts, online contacts and live feeds. This is a similar concept like Unfriended but more of a thriller because of its real-time portrayal.

Movie poster for the film Searching (2018). Courtesy of Sony Pictures.

Cam (2018)

account based online entertainment websites

This is a paranormal horror movie about identity thief. A cam girl who’s whole life and income relays to be online finds out that there’s someone online who has any content she ever uploaded on their account and they are doing significantly better than her. She goes investigating on past collaborators, loyal fans and relatives for some answers.

Screenshot from Cam (2018). Courtesy of Netflix.

Her (2013)

artificial intelligence

A lonely divorcee downloads an app that interacts with him as a girlfriend on a long-distance relationship on the phone. His friends are supportive but his blind dates find it weird. He works for a corporation where he writes sincere letters for client’s loved ones. The friendships that he has are usually from work with their own lives. The relationship develops into a more realistic one with jealousy, anger and neediness that he has with the app.

Screenshot from Her (2013). Courtesy of Annapurna Pictures.

Nerve (2016)

internet dares

A college-bound girl plays an internet game based on truth-or-dare. Idiots doing dumb stunts for likes on the internet and an obscene amount of cash placing themselves in personal danger. While a mysterious server hacks into every network the person has ever been logged onto to create a singular profile based on posts and activities. The Microsoft paint graphics for the phone interface look pretty ugly and are positioned in an unrealistic angle.

Screenshot of movie Nerve. Girl is inside of a restaurant with her friend under blue lighting.
Screenshot of movie Nerve (2016). Courtesy of Lionsgate.
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