Some Foods with Particular Rules and Ways for Eating

Banner Image of Sushi a Roll

These are foods that we eat with a cultural ritual that everyone participates in. These is an observation on how people eat certain types if foods regardless of an alternative way to eat food.

Sushi being eaten with chopsticks
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Sushi eaten with chopsticks – Sushi can be eaten by hand but most people like eating sushi with chopsticks.

Breaking Kit Kat bars into pieces – This can go with any scored food. Many pieces of candy have these sectional lines. Part of it is to eat some now save the rest later but it was how it was originally designed to be easily packaged for lunch on the go and tea breaks to be eaten slowly with tea.

Heads must tilt to the side to eat hot dogs and tacos – The most reasonable explanation why we all tilt our heads when we eat any type of foods like this because we don’t want anything falling out on us.

Peeling a Banana from the top – Most people open a banana from the top even though there are multiple ways of eating a banana like from the bottom of the banana or snapping it in half.

Picking up popcorn with your tongue – A spoon would be hard and useless. And chopsticks would be strenuous when using your hands would be easier and the most satisfying. Sometimes eating popcorn by your tongue by placing the popcorn bowl or a handful of popcorn is almost like picking up popcorn one by one. Still very satisfying.

Dipping French fries in ice cream – People would do this for the combination of salty and sweet creating a savory taste called umami. There’s different ways to have this taste like eating miso soup but this is the most convenient for people on-the-go.

Dunking Oreo cookies in milk – This tradition is apparently older than the Oreo cookie. There’s the usual reason like tradition and scientific reason like dipping a cookie in a warm beverage release the flavours faster to have. But it just makes the cookie creamier to eat if it’s in milk.

Eating pizza by hand – We use our hands because it’s very convenient but why not use a knife and fork on a plate like every other pie?

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