Movies with Characters That Need a Second Take in Movies

These are characters that were featured in big blockbuster films that didn’t have a great debut to the big screen. Either it’s inaccurate or laughable these fictional characters need a chance to make a better first impression. Think Deadpool from Wolverine: Origins (2009) to Deadpool (2016) or Bane from Batman and Robin (1997) to The Dark Knight Returns (2012).

Poison Ivy

The first feature film that had Poison Ivy was in Batman and Robin. That was in 1995 and so much has changed to make the DC character more menacing and villainous, unlike the 90s version that had her be flashy with a slightly nonsensical motive to freeze the Earth to repopulate it with plants with Mr. Freeze who would have died in the second part of that plan. (Even though he was the one explaining the half of the plan to Poison Ivy).


This was a great character in the comics. The first time around in the big screens Rebecca Romijn played her in the X-Men trilogy. Then was played by Jennifer Lawrence in the X-Men First Class film series. I think the third time around the character should be more like the one in the comic book with the white dress and skulls, saying more sassy manipulative things and doing more spy stuff because I don’t think they ever had her be that actual villain in the movies without Magneto there beside her.

Tank Girl

The first feature film tried to bring the character onto the big screens has presented in the comic books but there was studio interference in the production of the film. A lot of scenes were cut due to decency. But in the second take of the character may be a new script would be more accepted now minus anything with the Reapers.


This was the other character that was in Wolverine: Origins that had a not-so-thrilling first debut on the big screen with Taylor Kitsch. The portrayal wasn’t so much terrible but very small and pointless. His appearance in the Wolverine: Origins didn’t do that much to drive the story along, let alone show off his powers. There was supposed to be a featured film in the next few years but …. fingers crossed I guess.

Jean Grey’s Phoenix

This is the only time, to me, that an animated series for Saturday morning did a better job at the story they were telling. This sounds a little snotty but two films were made about the Phoenix that takes over Jean Grey. The first one was X-Men: The Last Stand that had the character edited down not to show the whole aliens side of the power origins. Then the character was focused on again in X-Men: Dark Phoenix which was a bit hammy and made a lot of plot holes for the other films in the X-Men series. Maybe a third time but has a series of films like how The Avengers was a series of films because the character has a lot of changes and motivations that should not be in one movie. The 90s animation took six episodes to explain the Phoenix saga and the Dark Phoenix saga throughout season three.

Mr. Freeze

This character can be modernized like a Breaking Bad theme tragic love story. Dr. Fries had a sad existence of his wife dying of a rare incurable disease with a bleeding expense account then suffers a life-altering job accident. Dr. Fries turns into Mr. Freeze bend out on money to fund his research. It would be interesting to find out what happened to him to turn to crime and why he dropped his doctorate credentials with ice and cold puns.

Banner Credit: Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash with some Photoshop
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