An easy way to set-up trap for print

Make printed solid colour background images sharper without the paper showing up.

When you design for print and find that there is a white line around some of the graphics you can make a trap to print the objects. A print trap is when you create an excess amount of colour around an object to avoid having the paper colour seeping through or noticeable gaps of the paper showing. This is known as misregistration. This technique fixes or hides, to a degree, minor registration issues. This method uses an overlapping method in the instruction for Adobe Illustrator instead of a substrate layer for digital printing. This methid can be used for CorelDraw users or Canva users but only in theory since the menus are different from each other. This method is good for text and large vector graphics. This is a fix to use on lighter colours in a design when possible to maintain a visual edge of the object.

Step One:

Outline the text and lines. For the text, go to Text>Outline Fonts (Shift+Ctrl+O). For the stroke line, go to Object> Expand to convert the stroke into a shape.

Step Two:

Select the foreground or lighter colour objects (vector, text and/or lines).

Step Three:

There are two types of way to complete this action.

If the lighter object is in the foreground: Add a 0.25 point stroke around the foreground objects to enlarge the object over the background. This creates a spread which is a lighter object overlaps into the darker background.

If the lighter object is the background: Add a 0.25 point stroke around the background objects to enlarge the object over the darker foreground objects. This creates a choke which is a lighter background object overlaps into the lighter foreground.

It’s best that the stroke is not too large to be noticeable but not too small that it does nothing at all.

Step Four:

Select the objects that had the strokes added to them. Go to Windows>Attributes (Ctrl+F11). Click on overprint stroke box.

Step Five:

Save the file as a PDF file.

Step Six:

If you are sending the file out to someone else to print, write a note to the printer that there is overprint in the file.

If you are printing this yourself, remember to select on your printer to print overprint. This will print the overlap stroke you made for the file.

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