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What do you do when you know zero people?

Things to do to get to know people.

It’s possible to know no one when you grow older. People move away, people move further into their careers, start families or just stop talking to you. That’s normal but very boring and lonely.

Social media depending on the person using the platform. It’s mostly a hit or miss. Human engagement is always better than a lot of online conversation. These are some ways I have found some people to connect to and made friends.

Volunteer. I volunteered for Caribana and Pride Toronto. When I volunteered for different places and organizations for a few years. What I found out about the volunteering experience is that you meet a lot of people and find a lot of other things that might strike your interest.

Start a hobby involving social interaction. I was in acting for a while and in improv for a year. I met a lot of artists when I was performing in plays and video.

Go to meetups and conferences. Even going to work-related conferences and talking to people. You will always have something to talk about since you have a shared interest if the conference is theme-oriented.

Take classes. I have a few examples of taking classes and learning a new skill that I can share with you. This could be from hobby oriented to a career based course. You’re going to meet someone to talk to.

A second job that makes you engage with people. Customer service is usually a good place because interaction is the basis of the job. Some jobs can extend on other experiences you might already have in the better good for your client.

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