Eight Stress Relieving Exercises

Relax in eight different ways

Throughout the year, times can be stressful. The holiday season is no exception. Here are some suggestions of what could relieve stress.

  1. Yoga/Exercising – Burn excess energy that was going towards stress.
  2. Meditation – Sitting down for awhile and relaxing can de-stress you.
  3. Walking for a while – During the day and through nature, like a park can be calming.
  4. Drinking tea or something that’s not caffeinated – Caffeinated drinks can get you more agitated. When you are stressed caffeine will work you up and over-energies you.
  5. Talking about your stresses to someone – Telling someone what is bothering you can help you in the long end.
  6. Playing with Stress Toys or Repetitive Puzzle Game – Fiddling around with something in your hands can get your mind out of some stresses at the time. Like after playing games like Sugar Crush, Tetris or Bejeweled you will feel calmer.
  7. Writing Down Rants – Like talking to someone about your problems, writing down what’s on your mind helps. It can even be in a journal you keep by you where you can write a few words down or on you in a locked and secured place.
  8. Eating a healthy snack – Sugar, like caffeine, pumps up the energy when you don’t need the extra energy. Eating something healthy is not only good for you but will fill you up so you’re not so hungry and agitated.
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