A Short List of Very Boring Movies

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There are some movies that can be boring for anyone to watch. There are some dull and very still movies that can be difficult to watch or just difficult to follow because of pace. When it doesn’t feel like the story is moving a lot and the frames don’t move at all it’s boring. Here are some movies that are ….ugh:

Elektra (2005)

Premise: Based on the comic book character Elektra, an assassin for hire. She lives in a house by herself until a small family moves in next door while she’s fighting a group of supernatural assassins.

Commentary: This is an action movie about the comic book character Elektra. There is a lot of metaphor and mysticism in this movie. But it’s very silent and most of the action scenes are either not that visible or not on screen at all. The whole film is boring because the story is not interesting to be an action film.

The Efficiency Expert (1992)

Premise: This movie is also known as Spotswood. A businessman with expertise in productivity goes to a small 1966 Australian town to save a moccasin factory.

Commentary: A factory goes through an assessment from a business expert to save the biggest job giving the company in town. But it becomes incredibly dull when they add in a romance between two factory workers. This movie was never going to be about suspense and action but it could have been about factory life and economics has the main draw. But the addition of the romance made it dull with a lot of the could have been interesting points gone.

Barry Lydon (1975)

Premise: A period piece of an 18th-century Irish rogue marrying a widowed aristocrat and assuming the position of her husband and head of state.

Commentary: This movie is a lot like watching a painting perform a very time specified movie. But the painting doesn’t move much and there is a lot of shots of scenes that are of characters who are mostly motionless. The concept is interesting that execution is mostly of watching actors in 17th-century fashion talking a bit about decanting to only sit still again motionless to organ music for longer periods of time.

Meet Joe Black (1998)

Premise: Death takes over a young man’s body and lives as a person and falls in love before taking the media mogul he is staying with to the afterlife.

Commentary: This is dull… but that will never explain how boring a movie can be without ever watching it. I remember watching this movie a long time ago when VHS and Blockbuster was a thing. The film moves slow. It almost makes Barry Lydon an action movie. The story of Death coming to Earth and falling in love sounds like an interesting movie. But when you spend one hour on Death eating chocolate for the first time and emotionlessly talking to everyone while reminding you how long the movie is by reminding the main character set to die how long he has on this planet then knowing that since you are watching this on double set VHS rental and this is just the first tape and another one is left to go just makes watching this even more boring. I remember seeing the trailer ads in Blockbuster thinking that the critics were wrong and renting it with the clerk telling me it was a boring movie.

The Postman (1997)

Premise: A post-apocalyptic neo-Western adventure film taking place in 2013 about a drifter going on a cross-country quest to deliver the last bag of mail in America.

Commentary: This was about the beginnings of postal office mail. In the movie has such a boring excution and story that some of the most pointless scenes in this film are the dialogue scene and not the shots of scenery. It could of been a good movie it even had money backing it up but it is such a nloated Hollywood movie that looks drained from personality. That’s what makes it so boring the movie looks like it’s trying to attend to every demo graphic without angering anyone.


(American version 2002)

Premise: In the space station orbiting the planet Solaris, a clinical psychologist goes to the space station to help a fellow astronaut of strange occurances only to have strange phenomenons happen to him.

Commentary: I tried watching this in Russian and I found it boring. Then I tried watching the American version. And I found it easier to follow but still boring. The run time was the main aspect that got me. Both movie have very long run times. The Russian version of Solaris is over three and a half hours and felt longer. But at less, it didn’t feel like a copy of another movie that came out before. The original 70’s version would still look experimental in filmaking and cereberial but the American version just doesn’t come close and it drags on more.

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