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Mini Movie Marathon: Satoshi Kon

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From Sapporo, Japan, starting out as a graphic designer then moving to film work, Satoshi Kon became an influential director, animator, screenwriter and manga artist who’s influence can be seen in various mediums. His storytelling style and visualizations are memorable.

Paprika (2006)

The movie Inception share similar thematical elements with this movie. This is a mind trip of a movie following an investigation of the death of one of the creators of the DS mini device. The device allows the wearer to access the dreams of their subjects. The device has bugs, still in the beta testing phase and people are turning up mad. The three scientists have alteregos when they go into people’s sleeping conscious states; like the female doctor helping the investigation of the missing people called Paprika. This is a very energetic and fun film for a mystery.


Toyko Godfathers (2003)

Three people homeless in the winter time of Toyko live in shelter they built themselves. They are a small family of strangers who care for each other. A few days before New Year’s day they see a woman on the brink of committing a horrible act but doesn’t. She runs off and leaves behind a baby that the homeless people of Toyko take care of. This is a funny and sad movie going into depression, regret, failure and togetherness. It has great animated sequences and funny dialogue.


Millennium Actress (2001)

This movie bends time and conception with its characters. A retired actress reflects on her life and career to an biographer. The movie moves in a flow of her recollections of memories; from her beginning acting days, her high points of her career, her love life to her retirement. The whole film beautifully weaves in and out of her successes. This is a sad film but a happy one too.


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