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Mini Movie Marathon: Ralph Bakshi

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Ralph Bakshi is an animator that is most well-known for his work in the late 1960’s to early 1990’s. His films are a combination of live-action and animation. He has created animations based on rotoscoping and directed stories about big city life in changing times in a jaded cynical tone. The animated stories have a lot of crude, rudeness, nudity and sexualization in his films which can add to the realistic portrayal of his characters, like in American Pop or can be offensive and weird. These animations were always meant for adult viewers.

Cool World (1992)

This movie is not truly based on what Ralph Bakshi wanted. There was a lot of studio interference with this movie. It might of had more sexual content in the film with a comentary about belonging but the released version was the watered down version of his story. The Cool World is the animated world an illustrator created in Los Angeles, USA. All the toons are aware that they are toons and one toon, Holly Would, wants to get out into the real world. There’s a side story with Brad Pitt being stuck into the toon world since the 1930’s because of the legendary spike that opens up the Toon world into the real world. This animation is still a little rotoscope with recognizable animated characters from Harvey Comics, Little Orphan Annie and Tex Avery. It also has animation styles of the early 90’s that’s a real throwback and one of the last cinematic films he made that was in theatres.

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Wizards (1981)

This film was made in a mixture of ideas and animation styles. It’s part rotoscoping, real footage and drawn in special effects for a film that is part apocalyptic war, mystical magic fantasy and overtly sexualized animation film based on the book trilogy The Lord Of The Rings. It was one of the first films based on the book before the live-action Peter Jackson version in the late 2000’s.

Movie poster of Wizards (1977)

American Pop (1980)

An anthology of the journey of success in the music industry. This film is sad and heartbreaking with characters that go through hell because of life. The story is about three generations of musically talented people that have the talent but have bad luck and tragedy. There are some highs but a lot of lows in this animated drama. The story starts in the turn of the century in the 1910’s in New York City with an optimist and ends with a tale with an optimist on top.

Movie poster of American Pop

Fire and Ice (1983)

This film is beatuifully fimed with a great blend of rotoscoping and matte painted backgrounds. This was one of his critically reconized fully animated fantasy films of the early 1980s. It is about the demise of the Ice Kingdom mainly of Queen Juliana and her son Nekron. They want to take over the Fire Kingdom for power and to do that they kidnap the Fire princess. The characters and the special effects are very detailed and emotional once again using the rotoscoping technique.

Movie poster of Fire and Ice
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