Some Fruits and Vegetables That Have More Than 90% Water

This is a list of fruits and vegetables with a high water content. These foods have 90% of water content and more. Some can be enjoyed on a salad.


92% Water

Originating from West Africa. Commonly found in tropical and sub-tropical climates. It cultivated worldwide in various ways.


94% Water

Commonly used to celebrate Fall harvests, Halloween and Christmas. Grown in marsh environments can be seen in the garden as early as late August.

Iceberg Lettuce

96% Water

It’s the lettuce in your hamburgers and fast food salads. Iceberg lettuce is a crunchy, pale green vegetable that grows in a head from the ground.


95% Water

Some people like slicing up this vegetable in water to drink. They are prepared in many ways for eating like sliced, seedless or pickled.


92% Water

Originating from Barbados, the grapefruit is a citrus fruit that’s can be bitter or semi-sweet. It depends on which one you choose. A favourite for people looking to be more healthy but problematic for people on medication.


95% Water

A fast food stable found on pizzas, in hamburgers or made into ketchup, the tomato is a popular food. The plant originated from South America and the name comes from an Aztec language Nahuatl, tomatl (xitomatl) which means “plump fruit with a navel.”


91% Water

The berry that makes a sweet dessert. The strawberry bright red, juicy with a nice aroma. Grows on the summertime and originated from Europe in the late 1800s in Brittany, France.


90% Water

Cantaloupe like other melons have a high water content count around 90%. It’s a medium orange with a lot of nutrients. It’s known as a muskmelon and the netting over the rind.


95% Water

Radishes are edible root vegetables often eaten in salads. The crunchy vegetable has a light taste and can be juicy. This vegetable can grow in the wintertime as a catch crop.


94% Water

Zucchinis are courgette vegetables that are usually made into a bread. It’s a summer squash that can grow at least a meter long. Another name for the zucchini is marrow; in Britain and Ireland refer to it by that name.


95% Water

The celery is harvested since the age of Antiquity. It’s a light green marshland vegetable with a loud crunch when bitten into.

Bell Peppers

92% Water

This vegetable comes in multiple colours like red, orange, yellow, green and dark purple. The rarer colours are brown, lavender and white. These are also known as a sweet pepper. Can be stuffed, used a topping for a pizza or in a frittata.


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