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Mini Movie Marathon: Alan J. Pakula’s Paranoia Trilogy

This is a movie marathon based on the political paranoia trilogy from the 1970s directed by Alan J. Pakula. All of these movies have high intensity and suspense with eerie people lurking in the background. They are visually striking films that deal with conspiracies, secrets and mysterious deaths that the main character finds out first. These films are almost like the more modernized versions of 1940s film noirs.

Alan J. Pakula was a film director with a lot of notable films like Sophia’s Choice, The Pelican Brief and The Devil’s Own until he died in 1998 in a traffic collision. He was known for his sense of style and his political thrillers.

Klute (1971)

A high-priced call girl assists an out-of-town detective in search of a missing person in 1970’s New York City. This film gave Jane Fonda an Oscar win for her performance. Her character in this film is just as determined to find the missing person going through darker rabbit holes than the detective played by Donald Sutherland. The detective is stiff, repressed and stoic the complete opposite to the uninhibited, multi-layered femme fatale character in the film.

Screenshot of Klute (1971)

The Parallax View (1974)

This is more of the climactic action movie in comparison to the other two films. A political reporter suspects a corporation, Parallax Corporation, in the assassination of a political candidate and more dirty deeds. The more the reporter investigates the conspiracies people wind up dead to the point that a call for his head. Warren Beatty and Jack Warden are great as opposing characters that has a rooftop chase scene and an intense ending.

Screenshot of The Parallax View (1974)

All The President’s Men (1975)

Two Washington Post reporters investigate money laundry and dirty deals that led up to be the Watergate scandal. The film starts off investigating an undisclosed fund after there was Watergate burglars were caught. The investigation led them to more shadowy people telling the two reporters to follow the money which leads to another investigation of the Watergate accounting office. This film is based on the book about the Watergate burglaries in the summer of 1972.

Screenshot of All The President’s Men (1975)
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